Laura Treand is a contemporary abstract creator.

Born and raised in the south of France, her inspiration and 'joie de vivre' began with the rolling fields of lavender and rose vines. During an extended stay in Laguna Beach, California, she fell in love with the art scene and west coast light. As her journey brought her back to Europe, she continued developing her own style and love for rose shades.

Her work is about finding the right balance between Harmony and Chaos. She overlays layers upon layers of paint to create definition and power in her art.

Spontaneity is key. When starting a new canvas, the artist curates a selection of shades and colors and starts with no plan or precise idea of the final outcome. Going with the flow and following the emotions of the moment, the layers begin revealing thoughts. Using high-quality material and unique pigments, Laura's artwork acts as a mirror of her feelings and the finished piece transcribes her inner sense of gratitude.

ILOMA Studio was a natural progression and she now lives in Hollviken, Sweden with her husband and two children.